I think this shall be my longest blog post ever with more than 1000 words.

I really enjoyed my Christmas’s celebration together with my secondary school and poly friends. Been one of the best celebration ever. Hope next year there will be another chance as I will be going in to Army.

Thanks to all my friends who made this celebration possible.

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Had my Christmass lunch with my parents at The Garlic Restaurant located at Esplanade. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it serves food related to Garlic. I tried the garlic soup and the garlic steak. The steak was normal but the soup is very nice. Price was quite reasonable, if you want something different can give it a try.

It was like 4pm plus when I got home, supposes to meet my secondary school friends at 5pm at my house to help me carry the food up to the hill top, end up till 6pm, only 2 came. I was very pissed off, but 3 of us still managed to carry all those bags of food and stuff up the hilltop.

Most of them came like about 7pm. But in the end it was quite an enjoyable one, long time since we see some people. This time the food was less than enough if not normally there will always be remaining food.

The ending part of the BBQ is my favorite, 2 of my legends female classmate, Angie and Angeline, aka the destructive duo, this is the nickname I had given them on their Friendster testimonials. They brought like few packets of flour and egg. You should not what they are going to do with it. We have no “weapons” against them except water. Poor Kai Siang, is the first to be strike on. Jie Ting got hit by 3 eggs out of 10 eggs they bought. We did manage to splash like 1/5 of the dispenser filled with water at 3 girls. 1 of them is Angeline and the other 2 is just the “helper”. It is like 5 girls vs like 8 guys. And you can see that all of us are so afraid of them that we keep running when we spot them. It is really a good exercise.

We decided to strike back, all of us Grab Angie and pour their own flour on her. Haha, she is so white like snow. I should have taken a shot of that moment. But luckily for me, I did not have any flour or egg on me, even there is, I live so near, so it does not really matter. LOL

After the “battle”, went to houses downstairs 24 hour coffeeshop for a drink and talk. We really talked about lots of stuffs like life in secondary school, army life, ghost story, one of my secondary school friends etc. Actually all of us suppose to leave at 2.30am, but we keep dragging till we decided to leave at 5.30am because there will be already a first bus available.

It was really an enjoyable BBQ even though planning it can be quite pissed off.

Attendance: Angie, Angeline, Pei Jun, Wei Pei, Mei Yi, Xiu Ling, Alicia, Linz, Victor, Guo Zhi, Wei Xiong, Yong Tang, Jun Xian, Guo Xiong, Jing Wei, Jie Ting, Shi Ming, Zhi Wei, Desmond, Calvin, Kai Siang, Daw Rui, David. I hope I dont miss out any person. LOLChristmass Eve
After sleeping for only 5 hours, went for my driving lesson, surprising I am able to keep myself so awake during driving and I think I like this driving lesson best because I got 0 point in the circuit and just a few points on the road. Finally the day came that there is no hiccup during my driving.

Went for lunch at Funans new foodcourt, mom went there to buy printer ink from PK Computer. I ate the mushroom and chicken crepe, and it taste horrible.

Came home took a short nap and met up with Serene, Laily and Jacky at City Hall. We went to Ponderosa for dinner after queuing for about 45 minutes, but it is Christmass Eve, so wherever you are eating at, you need to queue, even at fast-food or maybe even hawker centers.
LiXiang join us after her work ends at 8.30pm, she reached at 9.30pm and due to Ponderosa did not extend their opening hours which I think most restaurant did, she have only 30 minutes to fill her stomach.

Went to Esplanade after dinner to get a feel of the atmosphere of Christmass Eve. There were really a lot of people there and the security is very strict with lots of police patrolling. There is a band singing in a pub there, not sure of the pub name, but the singer has a very good vocal and all the songs he sang are my favorites.

We exchanged our presents and I got Jackys present which is 3 nice angels made of glass and Jacky coincidentally got my present too, which is an organizer. Serene got LiXiang present, LiXiang got Lailys present and Laily got Serenes present.

We walked all the way to Orchard Cineleisure after the mini countdown by the crowd of Esplanade. It took us nearly an hour. Upon reaching there, we bought tickets to Love Actually at 4am. Serene was very tired and she needs to work later on in the day, so she went back.

Orchard Road is really crowded even at 2am, and there were people spraying those foams at one another and some of them got so wild that there is police watching them just in case a fight broke out. The whole street was so dirty that I really really pity those sweepers.

Left the 4 of us. We sat at a café at Cineleisure and I ordered Ice Latte and it taste horrible so did the drinks ordered by Jacky they all. But the chairs are nice though. We sat all the way till 3.30am, and even at that time, some shops are still opened, very surprisingly.

Love Actually is a very nice heartwarming show. I just like that show, been such a long time since I saw such a nice heartwarming show. Really worth my $8.50 and my sleep. The show last for about an hour and 45 minutes and after the movie took the first 123 bus home.

Been a great Christmas Eves Eve and Christmass Eve.Christmas
Slept till 2pm from 7am. Woke up went to Queensway Shopping Center to make my Oakley Spectacles. As my dads friend parallel import those spectacles, there is limited choices and so only my brother make the spectacles first while my dad and I have to wait while before our order arrived. I ordered the Square Wire 2.0.

We went for a late lunch at Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice at River Valley before I cam home and took a long nap to get back my sleep.

New Year is coming!