Yesterday, gave my parents their Christmas Presents. They are shocked as expected because for the past 19 years I did not give them any. But from this year on, I will give them on their birthdays and Christmas. No doubt about it, they are very happy with it especially my mom.

To so called ‘celebrate’ this issue, we went to Liang Court Nanto for Japanese food and dessert at Swesens. The whole Liang Court is really like a ghost town unlike last time where it is so crowded. That was like a decade ago.

Today went for my driving. I did well for all the stuffs except 1 that pissed me off, which is the slope. I think the slope and I “buey gum”. This is the first time I tried like 5 times just to move off from the slope because the car keep rolling back. And the problem is that I am not nervous at all, and I can say the steps I did are all correct. After my instructor helped me to move off from that slope, I tried like 3 more times at the other slopes and I managed to move off in just 1 time. There are 4 slopes in BBDC and I think that slope is really cursed or rather my 8 characters and the slope doesn’t match.

Went to meet my WIN(Women Integration Network) client at Kallang(People’s Association Headquarters) together with Elaine and LiXiang to discuss the website that we are going to do for her during our free time next semester. It will be in ASP and MS Access. I really wonder what the heck is that PA’s IT department doing. Such a big corporation and they don’t use MS SQL but MS Access. I don’t really like MS Access because it is not really a full blown database and it will crash if the site has too users connecting to it at the same time.

Didn’t realize taking a bus from there to Suntec City require only 10 minutes. Went there to meet my secondary school friends to buy food for the BBQ tomorrow. Suppose to meet at 6pm and some of them came at 8pm because my friend who is driving and fetching them lost his way. Haha, I think I really have a good sense of direction.

Better pray that it doesn’t rain tomorrow else we are going to BBQ in the rain and that spoils everything.

BTW, I think I will launch version 2 of my site next year together with the release of WordPress 1.0 which is coming out end of the year.