Went to Waterloo Street’s Temple to pray for my driving. Had lunch together with my auntie’s family at Hereen’s Lemon Grass. I had the 25% discount voucher thanks to the Heer Card. The food portion is quite alot, and 7 of us can’t really finish the food. The food is average, not that fantastic anyway.

My brother bought 2 fourskins t-shirt and I bought 1 and got the other free because I have completed my fourskin card with 10 stamps or was it 12 stamps? I can’t really remember. Nowadays fourskin most of the t-shirts are in white, so I think I got at least 7 to 8 white t-shirts.

Was walking around Ngee Any City and decided to go to the Louis Vuitton Boutique to take a look. We need to queue to enter as I think they want to control the amount of customer inside the shop due to limited sales personal. I searched all over the place for the Monogram Canvas Wallet and Keypouch, but couldn’t find it. You need to ask them then they will take it out from the drawer to show it to you.

I took a look at the wallets first before the keypouches. I don’t intend to get anything yet, just to take a look. When they took out the keypouches, my mom ask me whether I want it. I did not answer her, but she said as my old JPG keyouch is so tattered and torn, its time for me to change a new keypouch. So she bought me Monochrome Canvas 6 Key Holder. It cost around $290. Thanks Mom!

My dad also bought exactly the same keypouch 15 years ago at the Hilton Hotel’s Louis Vuitton branch, and at that time it only cost $160. The price almost doubled.

One think good about branded stuffs is that it is really very lasting and you will not have the urge to change it unless it is really tattered and torn. My old JPG keypouch is almost 6 years old.

Finally, went to Ikea for my dinner as I missed the food there. My mom bought 6 new chairs for my living room dining table as the old one is kinda not suitable and Ikea stuffs are cheap and good. Each chair cost only around $9.

Just left a few bits and pieces for my new site and for WordPress 1.0 to launched on 1st January 2004.