Met up with Geargina on Monday to have lunch at One More Restaurant at Marina Square. They serve buffet style food it is something like those Marina South’s BBQ except that it got Teppanyaki. The food there is below average or rather nothing really special about it. Not worth going there again.

Went to Far East Plaza to look at some Lord Of The Rings Stuff, Geargina bought the Arwen’s Pendant, cost around $270+, but it is very nice. Next month I will buy the miniature Narsil Sword when I get my ITP pay. Cost around $79.

Head towards Plaza Singapura to buy my LOTR silver ring. It is quite nice, I kinda like the silver version more than the gold. Thanks to Jacky for telling me this. It cost me $28. We are trying to form a fellowship, whereby 7 people will wear the ring. LOL. So far only got 3. Still got 4 more to go. Met up with Xiu Yu at Cartel for a Christmas gift exchange session. Christmas last for 12 days, so it is not too late. We ordered the munchers and the ice-cream (similar to Swensens’s Earthquake). The ice-cream is so-so but the I love the munchers. Contains cheese and potatoes. They also have free flow of bread and ice-water which I think is kinda cool and unique. So far no cafe I been to offer this type of stuffs.

Geargina went home for dinner. Xiu Yu and I wanted to watch movie but who knows any movie in GV Plaza is left first row from the front. We went to Cineleisure, worst still, any movie that is 7pm+ slot are all sold out. The movie industry is really earning money and they still want to narrow down on piracy. Fuck Them.

Yesterday had my driving lesson. Lost count on how many lessons I got. Was kinda pissed off. I got a flu and so can’t really perform as normal and today my instructor is the sarcastic one. Keep picking on me, I can’t argue back, and when I say ok, he also ask me don’t keep saying ok. I was like WTF? I think next time shall keep quiet as they say silence is golden.

Met up with Fiona and co in the evening for a BBQ steamboat at Marina South. Been a long time since I last saw them. Even I am abit sick, I still make an effort to meet them. As long you put in your best efforts in it, you win or lose doesn’t matter because you had tried your best.

Today is the last day of the year 2003. 2004 will be coming in soon. Time really flies. I am going to be 20 soon. But now here are what I think should be the 10 most talked about topic of 2003:

» War On Iraq
» Saddam Hussein Got Caught
» Bali Bomb Blast
» GST 4%
» Iran Twins
» LOTR 3
» Matrix 2 and 3

Anything I left out? Feel free to post it in the comments.

Hope the year 2004 will be fruitful for all of us.