Today just came back from the Chalet. On the first night, only 6 of us stayed. This is a good thing because there is enough space to sleep for all the 6 of us.

Went back to school yesterday from chalet for the ITP briefing. The director of ICT talk was interesting but when he hand over the mike to the Liaison Officer, his talk was very boring and I can sense that the whole auditorium want him to finish it fast.

After the whole boring talk, collected money from our classmates for the BBQ. We went to Carrefour to buy those food. As we were running late, we only spend 30 minutes at Suntec’s Carrefour.

We started the fire at around 8pm, it was kinda late, but better than nothing. Around 30 people came for the BBQ, so it was quite a successful one although they should be more people going for it. It is really a pain in the ass organizing such huge events, where almost everyone can’t confirm whether they are coming and the pricing of the BBQ. But at the end of the day, you will feel happy as most of the time it turned out to be successful. Thanks to Serene, LiXiang, Laily and Jacky for organizing the chalet.

I came home half way from the BBQ because I need to go for my driving test today. I had lunch at Swensens at West Mall with my mom before facing the ultimate challenge, passing my driving test.

I got a driving lesson before my test, it was smooth, but when it comes to my Warm-Up, I took car number 10 and it sucks, step so hard on the acceleration, only accelerate a little bit. When I do the direction change, I hit the curb. When move off from slope, the car engine stalled. I was like “sian 1/2”.

I got Test Route 1, Jalan Teck Whye as my test route and Mr Lee as my tester. At least my tester’s face don’t look fierce. I was very luckly to get Jalan Teck Why as my test route because Bukit Batok have a pasar malam and there is always so much pedestrians around. Traffic around there at that time was quite ok. My tester changed abit of the route. Suppose to do U-Turn, instead, he ask me to turn right and go back to BBDC.

After the test, went to the tester’s office, told me some stuff, but I wasn’t really paying attention because I was anxious for the results. I saw him tick 2 points in the car, but when he is at the office, he ticks so much more. He told me I passed and ask me want to buy Provisional plate or not, I was so happy, of course I bought it. I got 14 points total. 1x Delay In Moving Off, 2x Fail To Confirm Safety, 2x Fail To Use Appropriate Gear. The “2x Fail To Confirm Safety”, I think he purposely give me. When I was doing parking, I practically look at every directions that compass have, so that is no way I can get that. But never mind at least I passed.

Ok. I am so happy tonight! As you can see, I have released Version 2.0 of my site earlier to commemorate this event. Will document the change log later.