I have broken my sleep record. I woke up at 5pm on Sunday after sleeping at 5am on the same day. What did I do till 5am? Debugging WordPress 1.0. The importing file from b2 to WordPress is one hell of a headache. So many bugs that could not even run the file, I really wonder how did it pass the test. Of course I managed to fix it and get it up and running on my localhost. I told the developers many times about the bug, either they did not bother about me or they are fixing it.

It is a Sunday and my mom is working till 8pm because Chinese New Year is coming and she will be working for 7 days till 8pm. After fetching her from work, went to Great World City for dinner. First time my parents ate Teppanyaki together with my brother and I. They do not really like it. Had desserts at McCafe, and their Banana Chocolate Cake is fantastic. It is quite expensive because the slice of the cake is small.

Today went back to school for lunch and to check out my ITP posting results. SP is really weird. If they can release our results online, I don’t see why they just cannot release out ITP posting results online. Instead we need to go down just to check it. Had my driving revision lessons later, everything was quite fine. Lets hope during my TP that day, it will be just as fine.

Met up with Fiona and co at Plaza Singapura to watch School Of Rock. Upon having my dinner at Long John Silvers, saw Alvin and JieLin. Been such a long time since I last saw them. School Of Rock really rocks. I like the show and it is really hilarious. Those kids are really professional in playing those instruments. Yes, it is their real talents and no fakes. If I am not wrong, the kid’s parents who acted in the show are their real-life parents too.

Will be going to chalet tomorrow till Wednesday.