Drove my mom’s car to Tiong Bahru Plaza for the first time to take MRT, of course with my mom sitting beside me. I got horned 2 times. Idiot. 1 time for not turning right as the road is clear because I can’t see the road as a van is blocking my view. The 2nd time was that I was giving way to a pedestrian to cross the road on a zebra crossing (this is the lamest).

Met up with Geargina at City Hall for a late lunch. Had the minced pork noodle from Marina Square. After lunch, she went on a shopping spree and bought quite a number of stuffs.

Met up with my mom after that at Clementi to go to her office to help her solve some computer problems. She asked me to drive. I don’t really like the gears of her car because I had a VERY hard time engaging it.

My dad came to fetch us, but once he reached my mom office, I took over his car. As his car is Auto Gear it was so easy to drive just that the steering is a little stiff, but overall still ok. Drove all the way to Toa Payoh to visit my grandfather and my auntie and drove all the way back to my house without getting horn. LOL

I had a hard time changing lanes as I can’t really see how fast the cars is traveling, all I can see is their headlights. I also had a hard time parking, but I think after a few more times, parking will be much easier for me.

From now on, my mom want me to drive whenever our family go out, she said by doing this everyday, I will be very steady after the end of January. Haha. It was kinda fun driving =D