Met up with Jacky and Laily at Bugis to go to Sim Lim Square. Jacky’s aunt want to get a high-end computer, so I went to give advice to Jacky, then in turn he will tell his aunt. At first I thought his aunt will be going. LOL

Went back to Bugis for a walk. My FYP client called me when I was at Bugis Street, then when I was in the M1 shop at Bugis, I saw him. What a small world. He went to get a Sony Ericsson T610 for his wife.

Went to fetched my brother for dinner after his tuition at Bedok. We settle down for dinner at a hawker center at Bedok. That hawker center is filled with stalls selling good food. We really had a feast. Ordered minced pork noodle, meat congee, cuttlefish and kang kong. fried carrot cake, fried oyster egg and fried prawn noodle. Yummy

Today woke up very early to pray. Went to Waterloo Street the Guan Ying temple and after that went to pray my grandmother. Wanted to eat Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh, but when we went there, they are closed till 24th January 2004. Then we decided to have breakfast at Suntec’s Cartel. The service there is really very bad. There is only 1 chef and it takes more than 40 minutes to get our breakfast done, end up my dad was very fed up and went to get the money refunded. Not only our table, basically every table in the restaurant complained about waiting for more than 30 minutes for their breakfast.

Sent my mom to office and went home to sleep. At night drove my family to Liang Court for dinner. As usual the whole shopping center is really like a ghost town.

I am getting the hang of parking!

Tomorrow will be the start of our ITP(Internship Training Program).