Today is the eve of Lunar New Year’s Eve, just two more days to Lunar New Year. Finally started work on my ITP project but I haven’t added in any log book entries. SP is really lame, work is work, don’t understand why the fuck do we need to write the log book. Later any-o-how write for them since they like writings so much.

I got a $500 scholarship from Singapore’s Toys and Confectionery Association. My mom helped me applied for the first time and I got it. LV wallet, here I come!

After getting my driving license and driving for nearly 2 weeks, I really have to say Taxi Drivers are the WORST drivers you can have on the road. This is the 3rd time I have complained. They can stop at anywhere and anytime they like as if they owe the whole fucking road. So what if they are earning a living and driving non-stop for 8 hours or more, they don’t deserved my sympathy. They pay road tax so do us. I would like to empathize that NOT all taxi drivers are like that but majority of them are.

Flame On.