Went to GMTI Building today to transfer the database from the testing server to the live server. It only takes 10 minutes. After that came home took a nap and met up with Charlene at Plaza Singapura for lunch.

While going back home after lunch from Tiong Bahru, I witness a funny incident. A man was at the end of the bus-stop flagging for a taxi as it was raining very heavily. But when a taxi came, it was intercept by other people who came out of the MRT station holding an umbrella. This happens not just once but 5 times. I counted till my bus came, not too sure whether there is a 6th time. I think the person must be damm frustrated. LOL

As it was still raining very heavy, I came home and took a nap. Very rare I can find such a good weather to sleep.

Had dinner at Heeren because I got the $18 voucher. The management of Heeren is really cock up. I 2x $18 voucher as I spend more than $88 and above for 2 times. Went to The Nudle Bar and eat, they say the voucher cannot combine. It makes no sense at all. We can always sit 2 different tables instead of 1 and the voucher can be used because there is 2 different receipts. My parents was quite unhappy about it.

Then later, we went to Sakae Sushi to eat as only my brother and I ate at The Nudle Bar. The manager there say the voucher can be combined. Then we was like “WTF?” If we knew it earlier we will eat at Sakae Sushi.

Did not do anything today, another unproductive day, but Chinese New Year is coming!!!