Is the same for every Chinese New Year, same sequence and timing. Visited my grandmother(mom’s side), followed by my grandmother(mom’s side)’s eldest sister house, followed by my grandfather(dad’s side) house, followed by my mom’s business client house followed by my grandmother(mom’s side)’ 5th sister house.

Finally I got to see my cousin whom I say she is working at Far East Plaza Level One. I did not get to see her during last year during Chinese new year, so it had been 2 years since I last saw here. She really changed alot. I think even if she walked pass me on the streets, I will not recognize her. She grew so tall (1.7m) at least for a girl’s height and she is only secondary 4 waiting for ‘O’ level results. But I guess she mix with the wrong company, she got tattoos, lots of piercing around the body. She dresses quite like those Japanese girls. Overall not bad looking.

Played some BlackJack, did not win or lose. At first I was winning, then later donated back to the banker. Sad.Wanted to go to Orchard Crown Prince’s Swensens for dinner, but wow, the queue is so long, then end up eating roti prata at Thomson Road.

Will be watching Silver Hawker at Plaza Singapura with my family. Is a 11.25am show. No idea why my parents love to watch show so early. My dad even wanted to watch at 8am but I said movie screenings only start at 10am.

Total red packets count: 23 (16 from today)