While driving to my grandfather’s place, something funny happened. There was this taxi which give signal indicating that he is going to stop quite early, so I was prepared to stop when he stop. He stopped, I stopped, then there was this car which is behind me keep horning non-stop for about 30 seconds. After the passenger came down from the taxi, he pointed his third finger to the car behind. Poor driver got pointed on the eve of lunar new year.

Had my Reunion dinner at my grandfather’s place. Been a long time since I last seen some of my cousins. Normally I only meet my cousins once a year which is during lunar new year. One of my cousin is pregnant for 7 months. She will give birth on 16th April to a baby girl. All of us keep disturbing her saying that she is an auntie and she look like the number “8” because she is so round.

Received some red packets from my dad’s side, total of 6 red packets. My dad’s family is always the first to give. More red packets will come in later on when I visit my mom’s family. =D

Once again, wishing all a very happy lunar new year =D

Total red packets count: 7 (6 from today)