Watched Silver Hawk starring Michelle Yeoh and Richie Ren at GV Plaza. The show was not too bad, still acceptable. After watching the show, I realize that Michelle Yeoh is pretty even though she is quite old. After the movie had some light snacks at Mos Burger. Surprising, almost all the food outlets in Plaza Singapura are open for business and they are quite packed. But I think as times goes by, more shops will be opened for business unless the economy recovers. Currently I think Chinese New Year is the only time of year where most of the shops are closed for business.

Went to my auntie house later for a late lunch followed by my grandmother brother’s house to collect red packet. Today, my business is bad, only 1 red packet collected. Sigh =(

Had steamboat dinner with my family at home. It is a nice weather to have steamboat. Raining and cool, thus no perspiration.

My brother will be getting the Samsung E700A tomorrow from Hello@Orchard, after that no more activities, boring!

Total red packets count: 24 (1 from today)