Had my lunch at Heeren’s Sakae Sushi again because my mom got $40 worth of voucher. Wanted to buy my brother’s handphone from Hello@Orchard, but it is not worth it, $888 for 12 months upgrade. Went to Far East Square to look for Mobile Square either it is closed or I could not find it.

Saw Yong Tang, Chee Wee and Xiu Ling at Hello@Orchard. Chee Wee handphone which is Nokia 6100 got stolen in his camp, and he went here to get a new phone. Argh, cursed those handphone stealers die a horrible death. I don’t think my S500 will be safe in army too.

Proceed towards Best Denki at Ngee Ang City, they have Samsung E700A but it is the last set and have some scratches on the screen, thus did not but it. They ask my mom to try other Best Denki Branch, we told them Great World City and they called up the branch and reserved a set for us. It is also the last set.

Went to Great World City to get the phone. I hate Great World City’s carpark, the bloody carpark passage is so narrow. Got the phone for $715 after trading in my dad’s Nokia 7210 for $220. My mom paid the $715 over a period of 12 months because it is a 0% interest free installment.

Played around the phone for a while. As compared to my S500, it is almost the same in terms of user interface/navigation. E700’s supports camera zooming, MMS, Java games and has around 9MB of space that allows you to store images and sounds. The sms system is the almost same s500, the only different I can see is that the words will now break to the next line if there is not enough space so show on the screen unlike S500. Overall the phone is not bad but I think the pice tag is too expensive for a phone like this.

Is a rainy day again, thus we ate steamboat for dinner again with majority of the leftover food from yesterday. Sad to say, today I did not receive any red packets because I did not go visiting. Tomorrow my mom’s friends will be coming to my house for visiting.