Yesterday, my mom’s friend came over to my house for Chinese New Year visit. Every year each of them will take turn to host this ‘event’, so this year is my mom’s turn. So my dear friends, next time when we are all married we shall do that, every year each take turn to host. It is a good idea right? =D

My mom prepare lots of food and they are small eaters, thus alot of food are left over. I love my mom’s blue berry cheese cake, so far all the blue berry cheese cake I had eaten, NONE can beat my mom’s one.

It has been a very cool and windy day, just love this kind of weather.

Had my dinner at Liang Court’s Swensens, they do not have the normal menu as it is the Chinese New Year period, well quite little variety to choose from. First time we shared a medium-sized earthquake, if not normally each of us will order our own ice-cream.

It is the start of work today and end of holidays. Time really files. Don’t forget Chinese New Year last for 15 days.