Yesterday, Victor and Yong Tang came my house. I helped Yong Tang to do some programming in ASP for his FYP. Lost touch of my ASP skills ever since I stop doing my FYP. I kinda like his FYP idea. It is about bus arrival time information. You are able to check what time a bus will arrived at the bus stop you are currently at. The deliverables is of course not the actual thing as we do not have the information from SBS, is more like a stimulation.

Met up with the rest of my secondary school friends for dinner at Marina Square. Wanted to play CS, but could not even find a single LAN shop in Marina Square. End up we went to River Hong Bao. It was drizzling. The rides there are VERY EXPENSIVE, and this year I think is different vendor for the fun fair because ALOT of rides are missing and sad to say, my favourite Music Dance was missing too. Wanted to sit a ride(not sure of the name), but it cost $20 and only 2 of us wanted to take it. If there are 4 of us, I will definitely take it. The ride has 2 carriages that can sit 4 people each and they will lift the carriage and rotate it.

Saw this girl which I think the most is older than us by a few years and IF I am not wrong, she got 3 kids already. Nowadays, parents are getting younger, which I think is due to shotgun marriage.

Went back to Tiong Bahru Plaza, wanted to sit at Coffee Bean and chit chat, but they close so early on weekdays, so end up in Mac Donald’s. After the chat, I got to know more about army life.

Today, went to meet up with my Liaison Officer in SP. Saw Zeus at the new Vietnamese Café where I was sitting. Talked to him about Co-Location of dedicated server. If the price is right, I think I will share with them and Co-Locate a web server.

Did my modifying of my polls code in the afternoon, hope to get it up and running by next week.

Met up with my secondary school friends and went to Bugis to play CS. Very frustrating because my CS skills really deteriorate ALOT as compared to last time. Nowadays, any-o-how spray the bullets then you will any-o-how headshot people.

On a lighter note, Bugis does have alot of chio bu.