Been a busy Thursday and Friday for me. I spent most of the time getting the interface done for my ITP project administration interface. As my design, suck, I decided to use Windows XP Silver color scheme. I have use sessions to authenticate users instead of cookies. I find this is the best administration section I have done so far. What makes me so motivated? Because I getting my pay on Thursday. =D Money makes the world go around, don’t they?

On Friday, had dinner with my mom and Thai Glico. It is a yearly thing whereby agents of Glico from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will have dinner with the head of Thai Glico. 15 people went, sat in 2 tables, location at Wan Hao Restaurant in Marriott Hotel. It is a 10 course dinner, every dish the food is PERFECT especially the Yue Sheng, Abalone and Bamboo Rice. It has to be the best food I have ever eaten. Even last year the location was at Wan Hao, but the menu is difference. Almost every delicacy was served, thus the bill add up to around $1200 per table not including drinks. They are really generous. So please buy more Pocky!

Next year, Thai Glico will be opening another factory in Thailand and all the agents are invited on a all-expenses paid trip to visit the factory. Damm it, I can’t follow my mom because I will be in NS. Argh.

Fetched my brother to tuition and went to Tampines Mall for a walk. Isetan there is having some sort of sale. Bought a couple of Levis’s and Bum’s ankle socks. My dad also bought the 12 Chinese girl band CD from Music Junction. It is cheap, $9.90 for a 2 CD album. Hope I will have time to rip it out and add it to my mp3 playlist.

I finally found the song that I was searching high and low from, but realize I have the song all the while in my mp3 playlist. I didn’t realize that until I saw the song advertised on the Love Actually OST. The song is “Sugababes – Too Lost In You”.

Tomorrow will be celebrating my little cousin’s birthday, she is turning 6. And tomorrow will mark a month after I passed my driving. Time flies.

Happy Birthday Erica!