Just came back from a Laksa lunch at Depot Road. I think that is the best tasting Laksa in Singapore and not even Katong Laksa can beat it.

My dad’s car had been repaired since yesterday, it cost $140 and the fellow at IDAC said it will be almost $1k. The taxi cost is around $200 + $100 for 1 day lost of use of car. So total is around $500 for a minor accident and a lesson learned.

I was listening to Class 95 FM today, and to my surprise, there is a caller who want to delicate William Hung‘s version of She Bangs. And what is more surprising, is that they actually have the song and is a remix version with some beat in the background. I think I shall keep a look out for the song.

Looks like William Hung is famous even without winning the American Idol. This shows that winning is not everything and does not make you that famous. I salute him for his very positive attitude and his courage.

Saw the new taxis from the 2 new taxi companies, one is red in color and the other is something like cyan in color.

The drawing of the $10 million TOTO results will start this evening, and the chances of striking it is 1 out of 8 million. As what my friend Zeus had said, the possibility of being strike by lighting is higher that than of striking the TOTO price.

Valentine day is coming and I saw one interesting forum thread in Hardware Zone. The title of the thread is something like “Would you want $10 million or Love?”. Is a tough choice, but since this is a materialistic world, the ratio of choosing $10 million to love is 13:1.