As expected by myself I missed the live telecast of The 46th Grammy Awards because I just couldn’t get out of my bed. No choice but to wait for the encore telecast at 10pm on Channel 5. Yong Tang came my house, help him settle his FYP stuff. I find that even though NP FYP is 1 year and is a solo project. The project is quite easy. I think given to anyone, just 1 week is more than enough to settle the whole prototype/product. I feel so proud of my FYP project =D

Couldn’t sleep well the whole night because half way through my sleep, I suddenly felt VERY cold, and keep shivering. I cover my whole body with my blanket and off the air-con but I am still shivering. I thought I have a fever, but after taking my temperature, at 6.30am, my body’s temperature is normal. Took 2 panadole and played CS till 7.30am before I was enough tired to sleep. Again half-way through my sleep, I felt very cold again even with blanket and air-con off. And that makes me here typing this blog.

I really do not know whats wrong with my weak body, as soon as I woke up, I crave for a can of Coke. Argh. This sucks.

If only you can insert breakpoint in the processing of the body processes then you will know what went wrong.

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