Yesterday Xiu Yu came my house. Help her install some stuffs on her notebook. Either her computer’s graphics card or her monitor’s cable is faulty as no data is being transmitted to the monitor. Didn’t join my secondary school friends for supper because I was not feeling well. Wasted. Next Monday one of them will be going to Army. I want to see the before and after version of him.

Felt so much better after perspiring it out by eating Laksa and doing some exercise. Slept for 17 hours and woke up this afternoon and I am totally back to normal.

Watched American Idol 3 and William Hung may be coming back as a wildcard contestant (no idea what they means though).

Just a topic to discuss just in case you get bored. “17 boys in Kent Ridge Secondary School got caught for procession of pornographic VCDs.”

I think the students is dumb enough to bring such stuff into school. I find the principle is fucked up. Firstly, she let them go without food or drink for 7 hours. Even though they make a mistake, but they are still humans too. Secondly, she informed the police. I find there is not a need to inform the police about this matter because if the students get changed, they will have a criminal record and their future will be gone. Even if they want to report to the police, they should seek the parents consent first. Viewing pornographic materials is part and parcel of growing up because all of us are curious, but as you grow, you will outgrow it. And in fact, any guy who doesn’t does that is gay. I think if the principal is a “he”, the whole thing will be different.

Disclaimer: The above comment is made from my point of view, if you find it offending at any time, please close your browser window. (It is always good to protect yourself)