Yesterday went to Pete’s Place in Singapore Hyatt hotel. It is an Italian restaurant, went there for lunch with my mom and 2 of her friends. The food that is great and the price is reasonable too.

Later in the day, went to Ikea for dinner because my mom want to buy a side table for her company. The cafe didn’t sell the roast beef today so end up eating the salmon. I miss the beef there. Sighz.

Went for supper with my secondary school friends at Geylang. We had the tao hui with yu tiao and the beef kway tiao. It was good. Geylang really had alot of food to eat at night. Reached home at around 3am. I think it will be my friend last supper before he go in army on Monday.

Purposely leave some time free so that I can watch Snap 3 on channel U at 8.30pm. It is because my cousin who is working in Heeren was on the show. They are looking for people with tattoo. If you all caught the show, her name is Melody.

I can’t find what time they are going to show the encore telecast of MTV Asia Awards 2004 on Channel MTV Asia tomorrow. Is either the website suck, or I suck in finding information from that website. Argh, that site is fucked, make me so frustrated. Anybody knows the time?

*Update* It will be shown at 10pm on 14th February 2004 on MTV Asia Channel and 9pm, 15th February 2004 on Channel I.