Went out with Laily, Serene and her boyfriend for a dinner at Marche in Suntec. Terry, LiXiang and Jacky couldn’t make it. After that went to watch some performance at Esplanade before going home.

Chio bu is all over the street today. In Marche, we sat one large group of people, we presumed is Japanese. ALL the girls there are chio and have the height and figure to be a model. The guys in the group are damm luckly. Don’t really regret going out today, a feast for the eyes. LOL

Reached home slightly after 10pm. The MTV Asia Awards 2004 had started just a bit. Was surprise, quite alot of surprise artists, like Mariah Carey and Michelle Yeow. Didn’t see Sammi Cheng though. Blue was there but they did not perform, wasted. Linkin Park wasn’t there, but judging from the crowd I think Linkin Park should win the Most Influential Award instead of Anita Mui. It is because when they going to announce the winner of that award, the crowd keep chanting Linkin Park. Linkin Park and Boa won 2 awards each.

It is really a waste that Linkin Park didn’t come. I really hope they will have a concert here in Singapore, I will definitely go for it and will get the most expensive ticket. When it comes to Linkin Park concert, I think asking a few friends to go along is going to be easy.

The finale was good with performance by Black Eyed Peas. They sang the “Shut Up” and “Where Is the Love” Remix. Their performance here is better than their last week performance at the Grammies.

Later on in the day shall try to finish coding my attachment/upload system for my ITP.