Met up with my ITP supervisor yesterday in school and on the way pass Geargina my SAT book to photocopy. Got an A for my first month grading. Charlene will be taking her TP this Saturday. Good luck Charlene. Don’t disappoint me!

Met up with Terry, Jacky and Laily in the night for dinner in Orchard. We had Pasta Mania, and Laily only add a few strips of noodle. It was kinda a last minute thing, but I still manage to make it. Had lots of chat. It was kinda enjoyable. Should make it a point to meet up weekly or fortnightly for a chat.

Terry plan to organize a backpack trip, and it sounds kinda interesting. But I need to check my financial status after my Redang Trip. I am going to be very broke for March. 2 birthday celebrations, 1 with my poly friends and 1 with my secondary school friends and on top of that I am going to get an iPod. That easily add up to $1k. Ouch.

Just bought another domain name same as this but instead of .net it is .com. It will be redirect to the same place.

Just in case you didn’t notice, I have updated the polls and added 8 more photo albums in the Gallery. 1 under family, 1 under seconday and 6 under polytechnic. I am still waiting for Serene to send me photos taken during Laily 21st Birthday.

This Saturday will be going to Nanyang Polytechnic for a familiarization course for WSC.