Went to RELC Building and wanted to book my SAT I Test. Note, I used the term “wanted” because I did not book from there. My first impression of the building that is is like a hotel and true enough, there is also a RELC Hotel. The examinations bureau is at 3rd level.

Fill up 4 pages of form and find I find it very troublesome. The form is not even meant to be use for Singapore. There is not enough space to fill in my full name and address. For our IC number, we need to put 00 followed by your IC number without the last alphabet. There are 2 test date. One is on 8th May 2004 and 6th June 2003.

After finishing filling the form, we need to use a phone and dial an extension to tell the stuff that we have finished filling the form. Even when we want to book for the SAT, we also need to dial that extension to ask for the form. The person told us that we only know whether we got a place 2 weeks before the exams and recommend us to apply online because you can know it immediately. Their system is really fucked up.

So end up wasting my time filling up the form and go back and apply online, and I think is cheaper because of US exchange rate dropping these days, whereas if you apply from there, they fixed it at 1.8.

Head towards Plaza Singapure and had Ramen in Ajisen for lunch. The set dinner from 3pm to 6pm is only $10.80.

Came back applied for my SAT online at College Board. The process is quite fast. It is the bloody questionnaire that take up most of the time.

So my friends especially Geargina and Suqin who read this, do not go down to RELC building, it is just wasting your time. Just apply online and you can get a place on the spot. The only advantage in going down is that you know what to fill in for the form fields, but you can always ask me if you have doubts.

I had book the SAT I test on 8th May 2004 (Saturday) at AEC Training Center (near Raffles Place). I have already ask James Ang, we do not need to go back to school on 8th May 2004. Hope you two can get at the same place too.