Woke up at 7am, and I think every since I left Secondary School, I seldom woke at 7am or earlier. I reach NYP at around 8.15am. As I expected, I will and I did get lost, and the signs around are not that helpful after all.

The whole thing last around 4 hours. We do not have an Internet Connection for the qualifying rounds, even though the technical specifications put “High Speed Internet Connection”. When we brought that up, they say that the Internet Connection was meant for judge. I was like WTF? Why the judges need the Internet for? At least give us access to php.net and mysql.com. Sigh, looks like I have to rely on Dreamweaver Help File as I think/hope/pray they have the syntaxes inside there. I went to take a look at the system that we will be using on that day and looks like they do not have Edit Plus 2 installed even though the technical specifications stated that it would be installed. Can’t they just follow the fucking specifications. All the softwares stated in the specifications are all the latest softwares like Flash MX2004, Photoshop CS etc, but the funny thing is that the MYSQL server is quite backdated, version 3.23.

I was very impressed with NYP, it looks very nice as compared with SP. The lecture theaters the chairs are all cushioned and at SP we are sitting on plastic. The toilets there are clean and looks quite new. The best thing I like about NYP is the use of water in the school compound especially the stairs where streams of water flow down on each side. The only thing the sign is very misleading. I am suppose to go to Block N, so when I reached this block, the sign point to the right “Block N”, there is a wall along this whole straight of path and they expect me to walk through the wall. After that then I realized that I need to take the lift up in order to go to the right. The computer labs there are almost the same as SP.

There is a food junction there and the canteen/food court are worst than SP in terms of looks because it is all fenced up, makes it feel like you are eating in a prison. They have elevators there too, cool. Thumbs up for NYP

I really can’t stand those bloody aunties who take the MRT, some of them can’t even wait for passengers to alight first before boarding and they stand in the middle of the door like a bloody statue and once the door open, they rush in. No sense of courtesy.

Starting this year, semester will start in December and not in January, that means you will have to spend Christmas Eve in school. Luckily we are going to graduate soon.

By the way, according to my mom, we do not need to take SAT I anymore in order to qualify for local University and that means I had just wasted my $82 for nothing. But anyway, it had already been paid and I don’t think they will refund, so just go and take for fun. The new scheme is 75% polytechnic examination results, 20% “O”-level examination results and 5% CCA.

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