Yesterday went to my mom office to fixed her computer. As usual, I have no idea how come her computer in office ALWAYS got problem, yesterday I solved the 56kb modem issues and HansVision issues. And later I am going to her office again to solve her modem issues. I solved it yesterday and managed to connect to the Internet with a 56kb dial up, and this morning I received a call from my mom saying that it don’t work again.

Seriously, I feel very primitive whenever I go to my mom’s office, most of the computer stuffs there are all outdated(beside my old computer). No networking, no router/switch, bloody slow computers, 56kb dial up and so on and so forth. My dad and I always advised my mom to invest some money into IT, but she say it is not necessary and always say “can use can already”. I mean this phrase is always used by our older generation, I can foresee that in the future, people will change their computer once every 2 to 3 years because computer will get outdated easily.

Finally have some motivation to code my polls of my ITP after a few days of being sick. My computer has an uptime of 5 days for the first time because I am downloading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 Season 2 Episode 12. It took my 5 bloody days to download a 175mb file.

I do not know who the fuck my brother offended in IRC, every few days/weeks I would get DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on my Internet Connection. This time I will use a packet logging tool to trace that fucker, and report to his ISP if he does it again. I am really sick of those fuckers who have nothing better to do then to DDOS me. Want to DDOS, DDOS some RIAS/RIAA sites instead. I am really pissed off.

The days draw closer for the qualifying rounds of WSC, only 6 out of 46 will qualify and I think none of them will be from SP. I did not really prepare for it because it does not stimulate real life environment. In real life, you can get resources from the Internet, but in this competition, you have no Internet Connection at all and only can be dependent on Application’s Help Files. One thing for sure, I can’t remember ALL the syntaxes in PHP.

Hmm looks nice woman nowadays are getting more violent, Singapore Woman Getting More Abusive.