Yes, finally my flu is getting better, more reinforcements have arrived inside my body to battle against the virus. Thanks my friends for the concern. =D

Is the month of March and as far as I can recalled, here are the March babies.

» 6th March – Yong Tang
» 13th March – Elaine
» 20th March – Denis
» 23rd March – Lester Goh, Jade
» 24th March – Me
» 25th March – Shaun
» 26th March – Wei Quan
» 27th March – Zhi Wei, Kelvin
» 28th March – My Brother
» 29th March – Wei Xiong

Johnson called me and talk quite a bit on University admission, both NTU/NUS have no opened for admission yet, guess it will be later in the week or sometime next week. You can apply online too. I have counted we have taken 31 modules so far (including Internship).

Anyone knows the exact procedure of applying?