Met up with Jacky and Co yesterday at Holland Village. We had dinner at NYDC. Finally, the Mushroom Monster(I think that is the name) was not out of stock. Geargina, Serene and I ordered pastas that is associated with mushroom, looks like we are craving for mushrooms. We had quite alot of chat, and catching up. Lets hope we can meet up often, make it a habit. =D

Elaine passed her TP after a 2nd attempt with 18 points, congratulations Elaine.

Today went to Causeway point with my mom to deliver some goods to Cold Storage. Had lunch at Jack’s place and the food there is like getting from bad to worst. Little variety, expensive and average food. Give me Ponderosa or Sizzlers anytime.

I am going to sleep before 11pm today for the first time because I need to wake at 6.30am for WSC. Will be staying in NYP from 8am all the way to about 6pm, can’t they just spread the thing over 2 days instead.

Getting sick of programming for the 2nd time.