Woke up and it is still so dark, 6.20am. I doubt any of you woke up earlier than me. Mom fetch me to NYP reached there around 7.45am after having breakfast at Ang Mo Kio Central.

They started quite early and I was the first one to register but the third one to reach, because I was in front when they say you can start registering. We started 30 minutes late instead of 9am we started at 9.30am, I think must be because of those damm late comers. They informed us to come at 8am and actually the registration starts at 8.30am, but seems to me that 30 minutes grace period is not enough.

My sit was B02, and I was in the tutorial room where they split A and B people. Was there for more than an hour. There is this guy from NP who is damm bloody talkative, he was early so he came in early and he chatted his friend throughout the whole hour. I have no problem with him being talkative but he talk damm bloody loud and was disturbing the peace and quietness of the room and the worst part he is sitting 2 sits away from me. Feel like telling him to shut the fuck up.

When there is bad, there is also good. There is this girl, I think her name is WeeMin, from NYP sitting in front of me. She is the chioest or rather cutest looking girl among all the girls in this competition. I think she is our age accompany to my friend who is studying in NYP.

The first session was 4 hours, followed by the 30 minutes free lousy lunch, followed by another 4 hours. The lunch is free and it sucks, I rather pay to get better food instead, still can’t imagine some guys actually eat 2 rounds, while I cannot even finish mine share.

The two word to describe the computer lab is freezing cold. Throughout the 2 sessions, the only phrase I said was “go toilet”, it was so cold that I have to go a few times for each session. I feel like a prisoner when going to the toilet because there is a person following you like a guard.

Lots of food stuffs are given during the 2 sessions. Coffee, tea, mineral water, cakes, sweets and kueys. I did not take any of that because I hardly have time to finish the website, let alone eating.

My computer is good, didn’t hang or crash throughout the 8 hours.

At 6pm, like what LiXiang said, I became relieved. I will not qualify, that is a confirm because I only finish 90% of it and I doubt many actually finishes it. It was just so much to do within this 8 hours, and I feel so helpless without the Internet and for that 8 hours Dreamweaver is my best friend.

Our topic was to create a CMS plus frontend website for Asian Aerospace. The CMS is easy, there are 3 sections to it. Add/Edit/Delete News, Add/Edit/Delete Users, View Statistic. I managed to finished the News and Users section but not the Statistic section. For the frontend, I finished everything beside to create a pop-up disclaimer window. I just need another 2 hours to complete the whole thing. But I believe Hang Wei can finished it on time and it is SP lost not to nominate him for this competition.

Thumbs up to NYP. They played a very good host at the WSC. Everything went on smoothly.

I must say this, my mom bought back Mee Rubus and Mee Soto from Bedok. It is recommend by Makansutra. The Mee Rubus tastes godly, it is the best I have ever eaten.

And yes, I am officially sick of programming.