I applied online for NTU/NUS admissions on Saturday night. Their online system is quite good, but the filling up the form is abit user-unfriendly. My first choice for NUS is Computing, first choice for NTU is Computer Engineering. My second choice for NUS is Computer Engineering, second choice for NTU is Computer Science.

Went to the Educational And Career Fair at Suntec City, nothing much to see. I did ask NUS about the Computing course regarding admission stuffs, but they does not know anything about it. Really waste my time there. There is also a Popular Sale and Tour Fair going on there and it makes Suntec City really crowded.

Marina’s Metro and Ponderosa is gone and soon it will be the whole Marina Square. There are doing a major renovations to the mall. Had an early birthday celebration with my family at Shima-Aji located at Esplanade. Ate the Yakiniku buffet, $28.80 per person. The price is cheaper as compared to weekend prices of Shima at Goodwood Park Hotel. Food is pretty much the same but I really like the ambiance of Shima-Aji. The table is outside(open air) and it is quite a windy day. And when evening came, they projected Channel MTV Asia on the wall-screen. As we are the first customer at around 5.30pm (they actually start at 6pm), we became the center of attraction, whenever people walk pass, they will definitely look at our table. Saw one of our fellow SP lecturer, Mr Lee KS with his wife. He is also the judge of WSC: Web Design Trade and he told me that he THINK that I am one of the top 3, which I doubt so.

I tried one of the drink from The Chocolate Bar, can’t really remember the name but I know it has quite a long name. The drink is fabulous. Initial drinking will taste funny, but the after taste is very good.

Met up with James Ang today, got my 2nd pay, just in time for the IT show 2004 which starts on Thursday. Also got back my SAT book from Geargina. I don’t really think I will study it unless I really have nothing to do.

And yes it is raning the whole day. Nice weather.