Singapore will take on Japan tonight at Jalan Besar Stadium. It will be telecast live on Channel i at 8pm. The odds on Singapore Pools is kinda interesting. If you buy Singapore Win is $1 pay $15. Draw is $1 pay $9. Japan Win is $1 pay $1.05. I can confirm that 99% Singapore will lose. The remaining 1% is either referee kelong or they are damm luckly.

2010 is the year set by the minister for Singapore Team to go into World Cup is really a joke. Not say I don’t support our own team, but we need to be realistic. If you see how Singapore’s team play and how other country’s team play, you will see a huge difference. I would predict that Japan will beat Singapore 4 to 1.

Nowadays there are a rising number of food vendors that have attitude problem. Throughout the whole transaction (Ordering Food, Collecting Food and Paying Food), it can be total silence. Even if you say “Thank You”, they do not even have a basic courtesy to say “Welcome”. That sucks.

Next time we should blacklist them, maybe an online database would help.

*Update* Woo, Japan win Singapore 2-1 quite disappointing. Singapore played like shit during the 1st half while Japan played very good. During 2nd half, Japan played like shit while Singapore played very good. Anyway, thumbs up for Singapore =D

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