Went to pray my grandmother yesterday to avoid the crowd next week due to Ching Ming Festival. Apparently almost everyone think the same and at the temple it is pretty crowded.

Watched Darren and Evelyn Wedding on Channel U. It was pretty grand and I think the wedding must be very expensive, but I think is kinda worth it as you normally only need to go through it one time. Money makes the world goes round.

Watched The Haunted Mansion today at home, it was kinda nice, especially the last part, quite touching. I expected it to be some crap and lame show but apparently it turn out to be the opposite. The singing statues is the funny!

Hope to catch Scooby Doo 2, LiXiang On? I just like cartoons!

Just 5 more weeks to the end of ITP!

Receive an invitation for the ICT D&D, it is at Traders Hotel and it cost $55, is very expensive, with that price I can eat 2 buffet dinner. I doubt I am going unless most of my friends are going.

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