Just watched finished Timeline. I kinda like the show, is nice at least for me. It is something like Butterfly Effect but less confusing. Thumbs up for the movie.

I also watched Love Actually again. As usual Singapore’s Censorship Board censor some parts of the movie. If you watched it in Singapore, you would miss a story about 2 porn stars who fell in love, the scene features nudity.

I really HATE movie being censored off, be it nudity or violence, it will just spoil the original movie. Thus, downloaded movies are always the best because they are no censorship at all.

Teens nowadays are just 1 click away from porn.

Damm it, got an April’s Fool Joke 7 minutes after 1st April 2004. Damm it. I am not going to believe anything for the day.

Click on the read more to view the prank, please pardon on the language used.

[00:07:18] [______def] OMG…! I strike 4d!! 0567!!! $2.5k!!!
[00:07:30] [______def] DINNARS ON ME
[00:08:57] [zim] woah
[00:09:04] [zim] congrets man
[00:09:07] [zim] knn
[00:09:25] [zim] east coast seafood
[00:13:42] [gamerz] ?
[00:13:44] [gamerz] u sure
[00:13:50] [gamerz] driday we meeting
[00:13:53] [gamerz] u trat us?
[00:14:01] [ [z]eus] fo real
[00:14:02] [______def] YEA MAN
[00:14:07] [gamerz] real of fake?
[00:14:11] [______def] hey is april fool
[00:14:13] [______def] :X
[00:14:15] [ [z]eus] asshole
[00:14:15] [gamerz] cb!
[00:14:17] [______def] HAHAHAHA
[00:14:18] [______def] HAHAHAHA
[00:14:18] [______def] HAHAHAHA
[00:14:18] [______def] HAHAHAHA
[00:14:18] [______def] HAHAHAHA
[00:14:20] [______def] PWND
[00:14:21] [ [z]eus] i hope you don’t get mandy
[00:15:01] [zim] ..
[00:15:08] [gamerz] hope ur whole life will not tio lottery
[00:15:10] [zim] shit
[00:15:20] [______def] omg..hater
[00:15:32] [zim] i thought i will nv kanna april fool joke
[00:15:38] [______def] its april fool yo chill
[00:15:39] [zim] knn after 12midnight tio already
[00:15:41] [zim] aahahah
[00:15:44] [zim] shit
[00:15:47] [gamerz] lolz
[00:15:48] [gamerz] hahhaha
[00:15:59] [______def] april fool..go to sch..tell the teacher she’s a fool..if she scold u pls dun cry..tk ur bag n say byebye
[00:16:09] [zim] im not gonna listen to any shit 2mr
[00:16:28] [gamerz] Ha Ha Ha
[00:16:32] [zim] later the lect play the prank on you back
[00:17:01] [______def] trust no 1 on april fool day