Met up with Jackey and Co at Jurong Point for dinner. Wanted to eat Fish & Co, but most of them are on budget constrain., thus we went to the foodcourt for our dinner. I ate the fried fish steamboat, the fried fish is nice but the soup is too milky. Geargina and Terry also ate from the same stall but we purposely ordered different dish. Apparently their soup taste better. =(

Please check your NS enlistment status here.

Mine is:

Your enlistment is between June 2004 till November 2004. An enlistment notice will be sent to you two months before your enlistment date. For further enquiries, please call MINDEF eService Center at 1800-364 6333 or email to us at

If you are enlisted in June, you will get your NS letter by the end of this month. I pray mine will be July or August. I really hate NS to the core of the core. Bloody waste 2 1/2 years of my life.