On Tuesday, met up with the backpacking crew (Jackey, Laily, LiXiang, Terry and SuQin) at Queensway Shopping center to collect their bags that they have ordered on Sunday. Had dinner at Alexandra Village and we ordered Fried Sambal KangKong, Beancurd and Sting Ray from the stall my family and I normally will patronize, not too sure of the name. We ordered another hot plate chicken from some stalls and it kinda suck. Hawker food is cheap, each of us pay paid $7.50 for a filling dinner. I wonder how long can this price last. Everything is going up in Singapore besides salary.

Today, went to school for a meeting with our SP’s ICT director, Mr Song. Was early, so went up to check on ZhiFan’s group National Library Board project. It is a virtual walk though of the new NLB building done in 3DS Max. It was fantastic. NLB damn smart, ask ITP students (cheap labour) to do such stuffs. 3 person doing this project, each paid $400 per month for a total of 4 months, it total up to $4800. I think this project will definitely cost more if it was to outsource to other companies. I think they should at least pay them $450 to $500.

It just slip off my mind that Serene and LiXiang was also coming for the meeting till I saw them. The director talked to us for almost 2 hours but it was not boring at all because it is quite interactive. I find what the director said is quite true and is very applicable to life. He seems to keep himself up to date, knows about William Hung, played Counter-Strike and Warcraft with his 3 daughters. This talk really changed my opinion on him.

Didn’t realize my name was on the plasma television in the ICT office at level 4.

Since it is a fated day, went out with LiXiang and Serene to Jurong Point. Called Jackey and Laily to join us later. Had dinner at Mos Burger and light snack at Long John Silvers. The grilled fish from LJS sucks. I would called it steam fish instead and the fish is not fresh at all.

So coincidental, saw my cousin, Clifford. I couldn’t recognize him because he was wearing specs and he had changed his hairstyle. The last time I saw him was during Chinese New Year.

I keep listening to these 3 songs: 40 Boyz – Shimmy Shake, Maroon 5 – This Love and Five For Fighting – Something About You (song from Swatch watch advertisement).