On Saturday, went out with Calvin and JingWei to Suntec. Tried the new Burger King burger. It was average. The new cheese nuggets was also average, still prefer the cheese sticks. Through out the whole session, we keep talking about NS stuff, now know more about it. It is better to be mentally prepared than go there blur as a sotong.

On Sunday went out for breakfast with my parents to Nooch at Paragon. They have quite alot of variety and the price is reasonable plus the portion is quite huge. The Nudle Bar at Heeren will become Billy Bombers soon.

Finally convinced my mom to get me a SIGG bottle instead of those transparent plastic one. I will try my very best not to dent it. SIGG accessories are very expensive.

Got myself an Adidas Clima Cool polo shirt.

Met up with Jackey and co at Queensway. They went there to buy their backpack stuffs. Later on head down to Marina Square for dinner and a movie, Dawn Of The Dead. It was Terry first time eating the Ba Chou Mee there, and he say it was good. I didn’t know he like Ba Chou Mee too. But unfortunately, due to the whole Marina Square will be under going major renovations, the stall will be close from 29th April 2004. The other stall is at Bestway Building at Prince Edward Road.

I watched Dawn Of The Dead already on my PC but I just want to see how the ending is like and how much MDA censored the flim. Basically I can point out 4 to 5 parts where it is being censored, but I guess there is more. I just really can’t stand censorship, somehow I feel that we are being cheated. Imagine this, you bought a CD and it states 20 tracks on the back of the CD, but MDA took out 2 tracks and there are only 18 tracks left. Or you bought a mp3 song online, it suppose to be 5 minutes long, but MDA took away 1 minute, thus it is only 4 minutes long. Don’t you feel cheated?

Had a chill out session at TCC at Millenia Walk, the drinks there was very average.

I shall spend my remaining days coding a CMS for Pixel Junkies.