Went to shop for some stuffs yesterday with Jackey and LiXiang, all the way from Wheelock to Plaza Singapura. Bought a Nike Cap for $23, shall use that for army purposes. Wanted to buy a slippers/sandals, thought of getting Teva, but their biggest size is 10. Had dinner at Ajisen Ramen in Plaza Singapura before having a chill out session at Starbucks.

X-Box Live is also having a launch at Ngee Ang City. It seems the whole of Orchard Road is extremely crowded yesterday. Had a hard time walking around in shopping centers when always there is a person in front of you taking his/her own sweet time to walk.

Went to pray today before heading to Bugis for lunch. Tried out the cafe named Terra which is just opposite Esprit. The price is kinda cheap but the portion is small. Food tastes kinda average and the glass containing the water is extremely small. I can drink the whole glass in 1 1/2 gulp. Went to coffee bean and tea leaves for some snacks and coffee, and I realized the cakes there don’t really tastes that good.

My brother and I bought a Neckerman Sandals at Seiyu, cost around $23 because the whole of Seiyu is having a sale, almost all items are less 20%.

It seems to me that all M1 shops have their Nokia 6230 sold out. Right now, I kinda interested in Nokia 7610.

Right now, I am revamping Pixel-Junkies website together with Paranoia, check it out here. Designed by him, backend by me.