Saw The Punisher last night. It was quite a good movie, storyline and action was quite good. Definitely better than Daredevil. If you are a Marvel fan, it is a must watch movie. It will be out in Singapore somewhere 2nd week of June. Definitely it will be PWC (Passed With Cuts) means it will be censored because a few scenes containing violence and nudity. But it is a very minor part, so overall it is still ok.

Went out with Calvin and Victor today to Bugis and Suntec for a walk/talk/see girls. Bought a Dragonball Z VCD set containing 14 VCDs. Now I have the complete collection on Dragonball Z and GT. And yes, I am a Dragonball fan till now.

Saw Alvin and JieLin at CityLink, such a small world. And today happens to be Alvin birthday. Happy 20th Birthday Alvin.

Seems that quite a number of people got infected by the Sasser worm. Symptoms include can connect to the Internet but can’t go online and rebooting of the computer. If you got friends who got infected and can’t use the Internet, help them by downloading the removal tool and pass it to them in a CD or Floppy Disc. More detailed information here.

The is going to be a Red Moon tonight because of the Moon, the Sun and Earth are all in alignment. More details here.

To Summarize (taken from HWZ):

There will be a total Eclipse of the Moon on 5 May 2004 (early morning).

The beginning of the umbral phase is visible in Asia (except extreme northeast), Australia and New Zealand.

Details of eclipse are as follows:

Circumstances of the eclipse-Singapore local time
Moon enters penumbra* – 01 51 h
Moon enters umbra – 02 48 h
Moon enters totality – 03 52 h
Middle of eclipse – 04 30 h
Moon leaves totality – 05 08 h
Moon leaves umbra – 06 12 h
Moon leaves penumbra – 07 09 h

Magnitude of the eclipse: 1.309

*When the Moon enters the penumbra of the Earth, the brightness of the full Moon would not change much. It would be difficult for the naked eyes to notice the difference.

Due to the sun’s ray on the moon during the eclipse, you can see a red moon that night.