Today’s weather is really nice. Raining is always the best time to eat Laksa or Steamboat and maybe sleep. Thus, went with my mom to eat the Depot Road Laksa.

Today is also the last day of our Internship, but tomorrow need to go to school for a talk on Job Hunting. Since I think it is quite useful, I am going for it.

Saw Hackers 2: Operational Takedown last night, it was quite a good and old movie based on a true story. It is about a story about a Japanese White Hacker vs an American Black Hacker. Of course they have to show that the black hacker got caught. Their computer skills are elite of the elite. I think with that type of skills, you can earn big bucks as a white hacker. If I am not wrong, true hacker don’t use exploits.

Pixe-Junkies Version 2.0 has finally launch. If you are wondering what it is. It is simply a design community. So go ahead and register.

Anyone got the first hacker movie?

*Update* I think it is a Chinese custom to give those guys that are going into the army soon a red packet which contains around $40. I got 2 from my relatives, hope can get more =p.