This is an extremely long post.

Went to school for a Job Hunting. It was quite ok, but seems to me that all the topics are being covered in my TBCM(Technical Business and Communication) module. Went to foodcourt 6 later, did not eat any food because I am still full, kinda regretted because I starting to miss school food. Saw quite a number of my classmates, is like 1 corner of the foodcourt belongs to us(DMMT). Chatted for almost 3 hours, Ahmad came and return us our past year MORG/CANI assignments.

Had a buffet lunch at Hereen’s Sakae Sushi, luckily we are there 30 minutes early and are the 2nd in the queue because at around 2.45pm, the queue is damn long.

Wanted to watch Van Helsing at Cineleisure but for 4 theatres in 2 time slots, only left the first and second row. Jackey called his brother and checked that GV Marina still has the middle row available, thus we rushed down and watched the 6.40pm slot.

The show is not that bad, wonder how come so many reviews say it suck. There is no storyline but at least it is quite action packed and the CG is quite well done. Will give it 3.5/5 stars. The downside of it, is that it is very noisy.

The ending part of Marina Square is kinda deserted now, the air-con foodcourt is now closed, no more Mos Burger, Long John Silvers and Royal Sporting House. Think more will be gone as their lease expires. But GV Marina and the bowling center will remain open.

Had a late dinner in Suntec City’s foodcourt, it closes at 10pm for your information.

When I came home, finally opened my SAT book and briefly read through to get a glimpse of what to expect. I decided to take my SAT I test after spinning the coin to decide whether or not should I go. I let Jackey spin 3 times, if flower side I will be going. First 2 times all flower, so there is no 3rd spin. So guess I am fated to take it.Saturday
Woke up at 6.15am for the first time in god knows how many years. Even during my secondary school days, I will wake up at 6.30am. Had breakfast at Maxwell Market, also been a long time since I ate breakfast there.

Reached AEC Center at around 7.30am, was even earlier than those SAT staffs. Registered my name and went to Level 1, Queens Room. The system is kinda sucky. They check everyone’s ID 3 times, registration, before the SAT and during the SAT. The SAT I think suppose to start at 8am but it delayed till 8.45am and ended at 12.30pm. I find overall it is ok maybe because I don’t feel anything about the paper, this I any-o-how do. The maths is kinda easy and the English is not that difficult also. I only studied for like 5 minutes for the sake of studying.

Head home to sleep after that for like 3 hours before meeting Jackey and co at Orchard. Proceed on to Geargina’s father shop to print some stuffs. While at it, went to Parklane’s MacDonalds. I didn’t realise that I can pay by my ezlink card. Also had taohui at the usual place. Just love the taohui there.

Went to Terry 21st birthday party at his house, Shunfu Road. It was very crowded, the atmosphere was very lively. Terry, not your actual birthday yet, so don’t wish you yet =D

Suppose to go clubbing later, but no one seems to be interested or have something on. If I know there is no clubbing, I should have drove there. Anyway, thanks Ron for the ride =D

Cheers to Laily for her tremendous effort in the calendar.

Caught 50 First Dates in the cinema finally. At Cineleisure with HuiJuan, XiuYu and WeiQuan. Alvin and JieLin joined us later at Pasta Mania. Tried the Crispy Cheese Pasta. It taste ok, but the more you eat it, the worst it becomes. That is very typical of Pasta Mania. I prefer Hans Pasta, as the portion is just nice and you will not get sicked of it.

Chilled out at Spinelli for quite a while. We wanted to play pool at Party World but didn’t realise it has closed down till we went there. They should take away the signs on the wall, it is very misleading. Wanted to go for supper but JieLin and XiuYu need to go home early, maybe next time.Thoughts
Had a very eventful and fast paced weekends, need to stay at home tomorrow to get more rest. After reading Ahmad’s blog, I also feel kinda sad that my poly life has ended and new phrase of my life, which is NS is about to begin. I enjoyed my poly life very much, great friends and lecturers. Hope that all of us can keep in touch be it lecturers of friends through blogs/msn/icq/irc.

As what I commented in Ahmad’s blog, what is left are sweet memories that will accompany you throughout your life. That is life, things come and go, happy times are always short but sad times are always long. As long as one party makes an effort, we can still have gatherings/outings/BBQ/chalets next time.

Cheers to all my great friends and lecturers. All the best in everything and do keep in touch. When changing handphone number, just keep us updated.

Farewell but not good bye.