I am getting lazier and lazier to blog, last time used to blog everyday, then once in 2 days, but now once in 3 days.

Had lunch at Lei Garden at Orchard Plaza, thus another item had been struck off from my “food to eat before NS” list. Head to Heeren later to the Converse store there, did not find anything to buy. Think will save my voucher for the next time.

Went to Performance Motors later to see cars because BMW is having thier 75th anniversary and Performance Motors is having their 25th anniversary. The discounts given was quite good and my dad was very tempted to change to a 318 or a 320. The sales person who spoke to us was very polite and quite chio. Her name is Sharon. So if you are getting a BMW, you can look for her.

Went out with Serene for lunch at Mos Burger and as well to buy my dad’s birthday present. While waiting for her to arrive (girls are always late, even you are late, they will be even later than you), saw a very nice birthday card specially for dads and the front picture is a bear fishing. I bought it without even thinking.

Initially thought HMV have the CD entitled “The Best Of Rare Earth“, but I could not find it. When I asked the person in charge, he told me need to order and wait for 3 weeks.

Serene suggested The Gramophone at Specialist Center. To my surprise it is available there and it is the one and only copy. It cost $29.95, it is about the same price if you ordered from HMV or Amazon.

My mom called me up saying they are buying the BMW 318(Mystic Blue in color) and it will arrived sometime in June. Hope I can get to drive it before I go NS. The number plate should start with SFJ.

Met up with my friend, also named Lester and another of his friend to talk about some freelancing stuff. His friend is also a damn good programmer and he own a company called “Web & IT Solutions (WITS)”. After talking about programming stuffs, I am fucking demoralised because he is that good and I think I am going to stick to opening a cafe instead of a web development company.

After the meeting, met up with Zeus, Phuse and Markism. The fried beef noodle from Magic Wok is not bad. Had a chill out session at Heeren’s Spinelli and I drank 3 times “this type of drinks” in a row today, first it was Ice Cafe Latte from Starbucks, followed by Banana Spin from Spinelli and again Sunkist Twist from Spinelli.

Received a red packet from my grandmother because I am going in NS, and wow she is generous. She gave me $100.

Jackey and Co is at Langkawi now.