I have been busy/lazy to blog these days. Here is a recap of the pass 3 days.

Jackey, Terry, LiXiang, Laily and Suqin left for their Malaysia backpacking trip. They called me at night after they reached Malacca. They are staying in a motel and will be leaving for KL on Saturday.

Watched the high resolution full demo of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source which is presented in E3. Was damn impress by what the source engine could do. Half-Life 2 is stated to be released during summer, which means between May and July.

Sent my iPod remote control to the main Apple Care Center at Ang Mo Kio. My mom called before that and they say they will replace a new one on the spot, but when I went there, they say it will take 3 days to repair, then my mom argued and they end up replacing a new one which they suppose to do it in the first place.

Watched Monster, it is quite a okay film, not that bad and not that good either. But kinda touching towards the end.

Went for the ICT Dinner And Dance at Trader’s Hotel. Regretted bringing my coat and tie there because I can count less than 10 people is wearing coat and less than 5 people is wearing tie out of 120 people.

As expected the food kinda sucks but the entertainment was very good especially the MC. Lester Goh and Sabrina got “Saboed” and was called on Stage alongside with 6 other people for the Mr and Miss ICT. Both of them did not win.

Won myself a $50 Converse voucher from the lucky draw. It is the first time I won in any lucky draw. Before that I do not believe in lucky draw. Geargina won a $50 Esprit voucher and Hafiz won a $50 Meyson jewellery voucher from the lucky draw. Lester Goh nearly won the first prize which is a 3.2MP Olympus Digital Camera. The second prize was a 15″ Sharp flat-screen television (not LCD) and the third prize was a small laser printer.

Lecturers who I knew went include, Dora, Mr Song, Mr Quek, Mr Christopher, Mr Clarence and Mr Tan CS.

Took quite alot of pictures like we are very famous. Will upload it soon after Hafiz sent me the pictures from his camera.

Enjoyed myself during the whole dinner, did not regret going/paying for it. And not to forget there are lots of chio bus in DIT.

*Update* ICT Dinner And Dance photos are out. Hafiz took alot of pictures, but alot of them are underexposed also, thus I did not upload those pictures.