Went to ITE Balestier for the WSC Briefing. It was a short and quick one. It stated at 9.30am and ended at 11am. They even provide breakfast for us. It was quite a spread, very thoughtful of them. Thumbs up.

Came home, wanted to took a nap, but end up with out with Phuse, Ownage, Zeus and Redworm for dinner at City Hall Cartel. Queued for 30 minutes and waited another 30 minutes for our food. Cartel is always that slow. We ordered 5 sets of St Louis Pork Ribs. When our food is on our way to our table, the waitress drop our 2 plates of ribs because she carried 3 plates at 1 go and the plate was not light. End up waited for another 15 minutes for the 2 plates of ribs. Total waiting time 1h 30mins.

Today went down to Orchard for a walk with my parents, had lunch at My Mum’s Cuisine and dessert at Projectshop Blood Brothers Cafe. The cake there is good.

Met up with Calvin, Lester Goh and XiuHui to buy the BBQ food. Will be having a chalet from tomorrow till Wednesday. Then on Thursday will be celebrating my dad’s birthday and on Friday till next Wednesday will be helping my mom out at the Singapore Food Expo.