Hi guys and girls, just came back from my chalet and watched The Day After Tomorrow. The Chalet pictures had been up within an hour after I came from the chalet which is around 1pm. It is under my Polytechnic Gallery. It will come in 2 favours, one is my camera and the other is from Fiona camera. Still waiting for Fiona to send me. As usual, this update will contain 3 days worth of text.

Ron, Lester Goh and XiuHui met up at my house, then my mom fetched us into Sentosa. The chalet name is called “Sentosa Holiday Chalet”, it is the exact same location as Charlene’s chalet which is held 1.5 years ago but ours is just smaller. It cost $88 for 3 days and 2 nights and is organised by XiuHui.

Our initial plan was to have the BBQ on the 2nd night but some of us can’t make it so we bring forward it to the first night. 7 of us stay overnight which includes Ron, Hafiz, Lester Goh, XiuHui, Fiona, ZiWei and I. Another 4 people came for the BBQ which includes Bernard, Calvin, Razine and Ismail.

The food was not really enough, but still managed to fill most of us the stomach. After this incident, I realise that sometime is good to have lesser food then more food because no food are wasted.

Quite a small world, one of the girls staying in the chalet beside us is Hafiz secondary school fried.

Hafiz bought Red Label and coke before he came, and at night we spend our time playing cards and drinking that. Played “99” and “in the middle” and loser have to drink as usual. Each cup roughly contain 1/5 of Red Label and 4/5 of coke. I drank 3 cups in total, Lester Goh drank quite alot till his whole face and eyes was very red and Hafiz got drunk. =D

Talked about who we first met when we came to poly and how we get to know each other. Till now I do not know how I get to know Ron. Hafiz, Lester Goh, XiuHui, Fiona and ZiWei was from my lecture class so I knew them since year 1.

All of us slept till 1pm and we went to Siloso Beach. The weather there is fantastic, sunny sun to get sun tan and windy wind for coolingness. Was hesitating whether or not should we play basketball and who should go and borrow the basketball. End up decided to go together but the court got taken up in the end.

Went to Burger King for dinner and sat there for quite long listening to Ron talking about his Japan trip during year 1. That was really once in a lifetime opportunity and after listening to him, I feel like going Japan. Ron go organise an outing to Japan after our NS.

Took the monorail from the ferry terminal. When we are at the cable car station, we are told to alight because the train is going to the workshop. I find it is kinda lame.

Went to the 7-11 in Palawan to get some snacks, got myself a Chicken Brani, recommended by Lester Goh. Walked back to our chalet from there and was quite surprise that it is nearer then I thought. 3 of our chalet neighbours are having thier BBQ and it was quite lively.

The neighbour on our left was quite generous, they give us around 8 chicken wings and 4 hot dogs because we let them use our chalet as a passage way to the common kitchen. The kitchen outdoor area is shared between 2 chalets.

Wanted to take a picture of all 7 of us and they are posing while I set my camera to timer mode. When I just sat on the bed, the end of the bed gave way, but luckily it was not that serious. Really good luck to the next person who is sleeping at that bed.

Called Jackey and they update me on their location, they are stuck in some ulu ulu place because they have miss the bus and have to wait till the next day to get a bus to go to the national park.

We slept quite early, at around 4am all have KOed.

Woke at 10am and we are suppose to work at 9.30am to help clear those stuffs because we are checking out. XiuHui alone woke up very early and did all those stuffs and it is done before we woke up. Feel damn bad not helping out. Thanks alot dude and sorry for not helping out.

Had breakfast at Seah Inn Hawker Center before taking 855 home. Came home unpacked my bad, and quickly “process” all the photos and uploaded them. Was around 1pm at that time.

Met up with Serene at 2pm to watch Day After Tomorrow. Initially suppose to watch Troy because I thought the official opening date of The Day After Tomorrow is tomorrow. But I checked my handphone’s WAP and found out GV Marina is actually showing The Day After Tomorrow at 4.10pm. Of course I will choose The Day After Tomorrow compared to Troy. And I noticed that sneak preview do not have any advertisements.

The show lasted almost 2 hours and it was excellent. It was exciting throughout the show and practically my eyes were glued to the big screen for that 2 hours. The visual effect was bloody fantastic. We know is fake but it is almost flawless. 2 thumbs up for the show.

I am going to watched it again with Jackey and co when they return from Malaysia.

A total of around 1k words for this blog entry =D