Argh, they is some bloody cookie problem with my IE or my WordPress, type a long post and when I click “Save”, it redirected me to a login page and I lost the post. And I so happen to forget to copy it to my clipboard. I am so frustrated with this bloody cookie problem.

Here I go AGAIN.

Went to PC Show 2004 at Expo. The walking lanes are quite narrow or rather the booth are taking up too much space. It was pretty small compared to Sitex 2003. There was not much people at that time I went at around 11.30am.

My brother got himself 2 games, Ninja Gaiden and Project Gotham Racing 2 for his XBox for $111.84 after a 20% discount. I should have gotten Mech Assault too because I kinda like the game.

Got myself an Iomega Micro Mini 256MB USB 2.0 Drive for $139. Been waiting for the 256mb version to launch since the debut of the 128mb version at IT Show 2004.

Had lunch at Funan’s Ajisen before meeting up with LiLian and Jean with my brother for Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. Before the show, went to the World Book Fair 2004 at Suntec City. It was pretty big, thus it looks quite empty. Look for Serene and Karen who is working there at booth A22(I think).

Was so fasinated by the magic rings at one of the magic booth that we keep wondering how the auntie there did it. The 4 metal rings and a burned CD containing video tutorials on how to perform the trick costs $25. It is way overpriced, I rather search the Internet for information.

The show suppose to last 141 minutes according to GV website, but apparently it last only about 135 minutes. The show was quite ok, but the ending is abit weird. The person sitting above us and on the right of us was very noisy, got quite pissed off with them. The next Harry Potter show, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will debut in November 2005.

Had a treat from LiLian and Jean to Kenny Rogers. Ordered the Ribs and Chicken set and shared it with my brother. The ribs taste quite good, so much better than Cartel’s one. Thanks dudette.

Dedicated Eminem – Lost Yourself at the Suntec’s fountain, but as usual, they did not play our song because they ran out of time. I still wondering why they don’t change to digital music. A 200GB 3.5″ harddisk can hold more than 50k songs and is more practical compared to storing 2.5k CDs. And you can find a particular song faster than you can find a particular CD.

Had dessert at NYDC before calling it a day.

*Update* I think I just fixed the cookie bug.