Forgotten that my house electricity supply will be cut from 8.30am to 5pm, thus while sleeping half way I suddenly felt that my air con was off and that makes me realise that my house electricity supply will be cut today. Nevertheless, I still slept till 12pm. I cannot imagine life without electricity, there is practically nothing you can do beside lying on your bed or reading some stuff. No computer, no fan, no lights, no fridge, no TV, etc.

Met up with Jackey and co for lunch at Breeks. First time I arrived the latest. LOL. Actually we suppose to have lunch at Ponderosa, but I didn’t know that Ponderosa at Raffles City has been closed down and turned into a clothes boutique. First Marina branch is gone and now Raffles City. After searching the Internet, the only branch left is Tampines Mall.

We thought that there will be Buffet lunch at Breeks, but I also forgotten that they do not have lunch on weekdays anymore. End up eating the main course which comes with the salad bar buffet. The food as ok, still prefer Ponderosa.

Watched The Day After Tomorrow again at GV Marina. I think they forgotten to on the air conditioning system of the whole GV Marina. It was so stuffy/warm at the ticketing/food counter as well as in the Cinema. And as usual, the person sitting behind and in front of us is making so much noise. Inconsiderate idiots.

Went to the World Book Fair again to look for Serene before having dinner at Suntec’s City Foodcourt.

Thought Calvin “put aeroplane”, end up called me up at 12.30am and ask me to go down for supper. Went to ABC Market for supper with JunXian, Calvin, Victor, YongTang and Changgen. As usual, our topic is always NS related.