Will be packing my things into the bag any moment now. Got to wake at 6.30am, making a move at 7am for breakfast. Got to reach Pasir Ris by 9am for the bus to fetch us to the SAF Ferry Terminal. Will reach Pulau Tekong by 10am.

I am going to miss my colored and long hair =(

Calendar Of Events
9th June 2004 (Wednesday) – Enlisting
26th June 2004 (Saturday) – First Book Out
1st July 2004 (Thursday) to 4th July 2004 (Sunday) – World Skill Competition
Around 21st July 2004 (Wednesday) – BMT Starts
9th August 2004 (Monday) – National Day
Around 6th October 2004 (Wednesday) – BMT Ends

Thanks to all my friends, family and relatives for the well wishes. Take care when I am not around, see ya on 26th June 2004 provided that I do not get confined.

This will be my last post till then, let the comments flow =)