I got posted into Pegasus Company. Exact location is Platoon 3, Section 1, Bed 7. 2 weeks (actually is 2 weeks plus) flew and it was my first book out yesterday. As usual, my platoon was always the last for everything. Parents visiting day also the last to see or parents, booking out also last to book out in the company and end up sharing the fast craft with Taurus company. Reach mainland, Singapore at around 1pm. My parents came to fetch me and on the way send Calvin home also.

The wise thing to do after booking out is go straight home because in army uniform, there are ALOT of restrictions. Went home took a bath, changed and went to Kenny Rogers for lunch. I ate like there was no tomorrow, my whole plate was full of ribs and chicken bones. In Tekong, for every meal I only finished half of it because the food there is that lousy. I think the worst food in Singapore is still better than Tekong food.

Met up with LiXiang and co for dinner, Terry and Jackey did not turn up, no idea why. Went to NYDC for dinner and catching up. Time seems to have pass very fast during yesterday night.

Today, went to Lei Garden for Tim Sum with my family and walked round Orchard Road after that. The feeling I got is that it has been 1 year since I been to Orchard.

Came home took a nap before writing this entry. My mom is cooking for dinner and I need to reach Pasir Ris Interchange by 2045. When you are having fun, time seems to pass very fast.

Life In Tekong
I find Pegasus Company is quite xiong especially my platoon 3. Always get fucked and always get extra stuff to do.

» 1st road march: March extra 3 rounds around our company area.
» 2nd road march: Did 100+ pushups.
» Stand by area/bed, our things in cupboard get thrown out, do 100+ pushups/alternate leg thrust.
» Admin time (free time) also the least among the whole company.
» Parents visiting day also the last platoon to see our parents among the whole company.
» First time book out also the last platoon to book out among the whole company.
» IPPT Trial test, total of 17 people pass in the whole company, our platoon contributed only 1 pass.
» Tekong food sucks period.
» Tekong is quite windy and seldom rain, in fact only rained 1 time which is during enlistment day.
» Activities are only conducted in the morning, late afternoon and night.
» Everywhere you go, you need to march or double up(run) to show a sense of urgency which I think is quite dumb.
» Lights off normally at 2230. I always wake up at 0500, even though they state 0530. If you wake up at 0530, you will be late. We need to fall in by 0545.
» For my company, Indian and Malay sergents are very guai lan/xia lan.
» BMTC is not that big.
» SOC is quite fun.
» The time they give you to change/eat/fall in are always very short, hardly got time to catch a breath or rest.
» Army liability reduce from 2 years 6 months to 2 years 2 months.

Coy – Friends
» Charlie – ZhiWei
» Hawk – Kenny
» Taurus – WeiQuan, Calvin
» Ulysses – Alvin
» Viper – Victor