Book out an hour early because all the instructors have a specialists parade, thus instead of 12pm fastcraft, we took the 10.45am fastcraft.

Wanted to have Depot Road’s Laksa for lunch, but it seems that the whole stall has disappeared from the coffeeshop, I think they are going to tear down the whole building. End up having lunch at Great World City’s Food Junction.

Met up with LiXiang, Laily, Serene, Jackey, Terry to celebrate Geargina 20th birthday at Ajisen in Plaza Singapura. Plaza Singapura is also having the Fujitsu 72 hours cold challenge, sounds like endurance training to me. LOL. Went to Starbucks for coffee and Baker’s Inn for dessert later. Now the girls can eat more than me.

Walked down to Heeren later, passed by the food street (Singapore Food Festival 2004) opposite OG Orchard, it was very crowded, heard that the fried oyster is good, hope I have the time to try it before it ends.

Nowadays, most of us all sleep early and wake up early, unlike our poly life where we sleep at 2am. Really miss those days. Now I came to understand why our parents always say that studying is always better. When we are young we like to work instead of study. As we grow older, we like to study rather than work.

Today is my mom birthday, went to a Chinese Restaurant in Orchard Hotel for lunch. Kinda like the food there. Went to Heeren to do some shopping. My brother and mom bought a Adidas Climacool shirt. I wanted to get one too, but too bad the size I wanted ran out of stock. Have to wait till next week.

Bought a Converse shirt and shorts using my $50 voucher that I won during SP ICT D&D lucky draw.

My mom will be cooking dinner and I need to reach Pasir Ris by 8.35pm. I hate tomorrow field pack inspection, especially the 1 minute all-in, all-out part. I fucking hate that.

Life In Tekong
As expected, failed my IPPT test. I am mentally prepared not to disrupt and straight go to BMT. My platoon only got 5 disruptees out of 45 people, see how united we are. Shuttle Run: 10.7, Situp: 46, Pullup: 0, SBJ: 198, 2.4km: 12:34. I hope I can do at least 1 pull up by next week, if not all the zero fighters will get trained by our beloved Sergent Major.

Took ATT B for 3 days because of headache and giddiness. 3 people from my platoon collapse last week. 1 from dehydration, 1 from tense muscle and 1 from giddiness.

Got our first canteen break on Friday because our PC saw lots of effort put in for the IPPT disruption test #1.

Next week going to be a xiong week. 1 4km road march, 2 SOC lessons, 1 ET run and IPPT disruption test #2. BMT will start on 21st July 2004 for us. POP is on 26th September 2004.

Happy Belated 20th Birthday Geargina
Happy Birthday Mom

See ya guys next week.