Wanted to eat Depot Road’s Claypot Laksa, but couldn’t find it. They have another branch at West Coast, also could not find it. The new MacDonald’s outlet at West Coast is cool, very nice ambiance.

Met up with Jackey, LiXiang and Laily to do some shopping around Orchard. Got myself a 256MB RS-MMC card from Heeren’s PK Computer and an Adidas Polo Shirt. I kinda like Adidas stuff now over fourskin because fourskin the t-shirt quality is dropping.

Went to GV Marina to watched King Authur, the show was around 2 hours long and it was just average. Nothing special about it. I only like the arrows visual effect. Looking forward to i-Robot next week.

Had dinner at Marina Hans. Throughout the day, saw lots of my platoon mates and friends around Orchard and Suntec area. Guess the only days we can enjoy is weekends.

Met up with Victor and Calvin for supper at River Valley, also another coincidence, saw our another close friend who is going to ORD, end up 4 of us had quite a chat about NS.

Had brunch at Lei Garden. It was my grandfather treat because he had struck lottery after dreaming of the number. He was so lucky. Went to Heeren again, bought another Adidas Polo Shirt and my brother bought an Adidas Shoe. It seems that my whole family is crazy over Adidas now.

Had 25 eStamps, used 20 of them to renew my Heer Card till December 2005. I just love the Heer card.

Mom will be cooking Laksa later for dinner using the paste from Prima. Long time since I ate Laksa.

Life In Tekong
5th Week of PTP seems to be very slack even though there are 2 SOC lessons and 1 Road March. We are suppose to take the IPPT disruption test #2, but on that day morning, we are called to the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) for a last minute briefing by our CO. It seems that one guy from Orion Company had a virus which attack his heart and he went into coma. He was helicopter out of Tekong to CGH. My 2IC said his condition was critical but stable and is our of ICU.

Thus, our coy those with flu and cough within the past 2 weeks are not suppose to take the IPPT test. Out of around 180 people, only 6 took the test, 3 from our platoon and only 1 pass which is also from our platoon.

We keep getting stand by universe because of this.

This coming Tuesday will mark the end of PTP, Wednesday will be enlistment day and BMT will start this coming Thursday.